The start of my second field season on Squam lake

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The start of my second field season on Squam lake

Post  jman on Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:34 pm

Hi guys,
As you all know spring is moving right along and it won't be long until bass start to spawn which means I will be out on Squam lake continuing my thesis work. Similar to last year, I will be sampling coves all around Squam, tagging smallmouth bass, and putting them through different treatments. Like last year, I ask that if anyone happens to come across tagged smallmouth (tri-colored Floy tag just below the dorsal fin) on beds please PASS THEM BY. Reducing the harassment these fish get will help reduce bias in my study. Thank you everyone for your help last season and for your continued support this spring. If anyone is interested in learning more about my study or have questions concerning smallmouth spawning please feel free to give me a call (603)670-4488

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