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Post  SDoughty on Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:41 pm

Hey guys,

I want to make you aware of an e-mail for a survey that is being sent to NH Anglers (I received it) and it is being sent under the guise that this is part of Plymouth State University, NH F&G and hold the phones - THE LOON PRESERVATION COMMITTEE. It is a joke and I urge you all to NOT respond. The info will be used to build research to pass further legislation in NH to limit our rights and for other states to pass similar bans.

It has NOTHING to do with how this impacts NH Anglers (that data has already been submitted to them). Please DO NOT complete the survey. Also, the way the went about it is against FCC laws. Whoever provided e-mail addresses also broke the law (the girl conducting the survey is in the clear on e-mail addresses, but she obtained them from someone who did not have the authorization - in my case at least).

I would reply to her, the school president, Executive Director Normandeau of NH Fish & Game and the State Attny General with regards to this. I have and they have been very responsive to this matter.

This is a JOKE. Don't get sucked into it.



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