A Note From Squam Lake. Please Read

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A Note From Squam Lake. Please Read Empty A Note From Squam Lake. Please Read

Post  Greg Day on Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:26 am

Thank you to all who came out Sunday for the team tournament at Squam. 28 boats filled with talented contenders and the 6 fish limit made for a spirited close contest- congrats to the winners! With regards to the reduced limit of 6 fish (from the typical 8 fish)-as the Tournament Director, it occasionally falls to me to make a change in the rules to react to changes in state regulations( Dumping the fish in Big Squam), temperature changes, location or other circumstances. In this instance, an alarming number of fish had been killed at the last few tournaments at Squam-partly due to temperature and partly due to the new state regulation obligating us to return the fish to Big Squam at the end of the day. We are all first and formost responsible sportsmen and anglers-it was the right call for the day and the lake-and one other tournaments have been making on Squam as of late.Thanks to all for complying.
Putting together a fishing tournament is a lot more complicated than just registering the players and weighing the fish at the end of the day.....for instance...we also have to procure a permit with Fish and Game, find a suitable weigh in location and arrange parking for everyones trailers-on a shoestring budget (in order to pay out as much as possible at the end of the day) We are additionally responsible to Fish and Game and the State of NH for making sure ALL of the fishermen follow ALL of the laws and statutes . One of those rules, is that we can only take up HALF of the parking at a state ramp-which is why we spend so much effort locating and arranging offsite parking and communicating it to all the boaters. We realize it is not always as convenient as using the state launch and parking. This Sunday many of you may have seen or spoken with the Fish and Game warden as you pulled your boat out at the State ramp at the end of the day. You took up many more than our allowed parking spots and other boaters called the state to complain. As a result we are fined and held accountable--both the club and me personally-(as the person who signed the permit) -this resulted in a $125.00 fine to the club and a mark against us with the state and Fish and Game. A long meeting with the warden was a crappy end to a long day for Beth and I. As a club we need to be the responsible group of sportsmen and citizens that we expect to be recognized as--please follow the rules and use the planned parking -- its the law.
Thanks again for all your support and help at the weigh ins!!! It takes a village to pull these tourneys off. See you all on the water! see you on the water casting your dreams..... Greg
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