Quick Results Sweetheart Tourney Winni 8-8-2015

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Quick Results Sweetheart Tourney Winni 8-8-2015

Post  Greg Day on Sat Aug 08, 2015 11:47 pm

Very Happy Thanks To All The Sweethearts For A Great Year Very Happy

First Place: Dave and Sue Tsao: 14.25 lbs
Second Place: Bill and Tina Lentine: 13.78 lbs

We Had A Tie For Third:
Mark and Nancy Peabody: 12.84 lbs
Mark and Pauline Miner: 12.84 lbs

First Loser: Wayne and Lyn England: 12.39 lbs

Lunker Small: Mark and Nancy Peabody: 3.20 lbs
Lunker Large: Wayne and Lyn England: 4.60 lbs

Very Happy See You All Next Year Very Happy
Greg Day
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